Can`t rebind keys with a controller, only via mouse selection?

I have my settings menu UMGs made so, that I can move around them with mouse, keyboard, gamepad and whatever you want to use. All the functions work fine.
Except rebinding keys, which use “OnKeySelected”- node.

When the UMG button is clicked with a mouse, the system waits for a key to be pressed, and stores it and works as intended.
But, I cannot call this event via any other methods than mouse click! I tried making a custom event which has a “input chord” extra in it, that is launched via button keyboard/gamepad button press, but even then when I launch it, it always returns with NONE.

My game is recommended to be played with controller, so I feel awkward forcing people to use mouse to change the gamepad keys.

Nobody else found this to be an issue?
I allow keyboard/gamepad controls and key remapping, but to remap keys, one must use a mouse?