Can someone tell me the Vive SteamVR controller button setup?

I am currently working on a VR only prototype using DK2 and Razer Hydras but it just struck me that I need to know the HTC/Valve VR controller button setup and am hoping someone here could provide me with that information?

In UE Input section I can see

Steam Touch 0
Steam Touch 1
Steam Touch 2
Steam Touch 3 - Are these the front directional touchpad click/press actions? How come there are no Left and Right of these?

Steam Back Left
Steam Back Right - Are these the L/R wand pistol triggers?

What about the side positioned ‘Grip’ buttons? Are the being removed for final designs?

Oculus seem to have two face buttons and two triggers on each side, will the Vive/HTC controllers have a similar amount of button options?


You’re looking for the Motion Controller inputs.

Ah ok. Wow there’s a lot of ones there are they there to cover all options for any controllers using ‘Motion Controller’ maybe?

I’ve looked through the code and it’s all in the file SteamVRController.cpp, so I doubt it. I don’t have the source in front of me right now, but the only ones that I don’t know about are the Face Button ones. All of the rest are used by the Vive controllers.

theres the trigger axis and thumbstick one, those are the trigger and trackpad actually