Can someone teach me a bit please

I’m new to this i wanted to make a 3d platformer I can easy learn but i find the videos are not as helpful as talking to someone as the people in the video do what they want not what i or we or whoever is watching wants. it would be awesome if someone would teach me a bit so i can get on and use unreal engine 4

Thanks for reading

It might first be a good idea to plan your game first, then when you encounter a problem with making something work it’ll be easier to ask for help.

It’s quite hard to answer questions that aren’t more specific and the answers you get might also be less helpful.

You could

-join this skype group:
-add me in skype: nasph96
-or just post question into this forum -> we are always here to answer them :wink:

Also, check out the example projects, there’s a couple platformer examples there that you can study.

Thanks i may join your skype some other time

Thanks every body for helping me out a bit
should i start with the character or level?

Start with the character, because for the map you have to know which gameplay elements you want to have and other stuff like the jump height/walk speed/… :slight_smile:

ok thanks im going to add you on skype so i can talk to you more there :slight_smile:

Ok, just add me :slight_smile: