Can someone provide a list of matching Daz3d Gen3 bones to UE4 for retargeting?

So I just back into Unreal 4 after getting a powerful enough graphics card to run it. Except I suck at modeling so I was trying to use Generation3 Daz3d models for making characters. However I cant for the life of me figure out which DAZ3D bones match the Unreal Mannequin. This is because the Daz3d rig has a bunch of extra bones with no UE4 equivalent with different names.

I was trying it out with a standard bald basemesh. I see from browsing the forums that others have had success so I was wondering if someone could provide a list of which bones are supposed to match up to which.

I did my best to guess but the animations just came out as a jumbled mess of polygons.

A couple simple pics of the bone retargeting list would be just as much help if you don’t have the time to list each one. I desperately need this.

Never Mind I got it!!! I found this

Had to slow the video down all the way and keep pausing when he sped up on the re targeting.

I just need to figure out a way to keep some of the materials from being white.

heres a pic

I guess I should probably save up for the female anim set. Since the basic animations are ok for males but look rather bulky on females.