Can someone please point me in the right direction for vr gun handling animations

Ive been at a loss for a while. Ive had no problems at all coding my gun systems for vr. It simulates down to individual bullets ant there location in the guns systems. And ive got a pretty good grasp on coding.

But when i get to animation i just get overwhelmed. Im pretty sure i could put together normal styles of animation. But what i need seems like its the more advanced systems.

So what i need is a way to grab a bone in vr and slide it. Like a cocking a handgun, shotgun, rifle. What do i need to be able to do that.
I really want to be able to reuse it and set variables for length and stop points. I plan to make a ton of simulation guns so reusablity is pretty important to me. If i cant do it with a skeletal mesh i will need to use physical constraints and static meshes and i didn’t want to use a ■■■■ ton of thoughts for performance reasons.