Can Someone Help With My Blueprints? Animation upon interacting with door.

I am guessing there are a few things wrong, however, my concern is mainly about 3 things.
1. How can I make the door on the level open the first time?
2. Ae the current state of the door blueprint usable by AI?
3. Is there a better way to do these blueprints (i.e. does it make sense to use sequencer instead?

File Location:…ew?usp=sharing
NOTES: The door uses the MyDoorV4 blueprint in the MyDoorAnimation folder; this is the top down template; and I know the door kick animation sucks

For part 1, when I press the E key the first time the door nor animation plays, however, the second time I press it, it will play the animation and open the door.
For part 2, just wanted to make sure if I were to create AI would they be able to open the door too with the door blueprint. I am new to game creation and this engine so I have no idea how to create AI to begin with and test this out. Nor know what is needed to enable AI to do the same things I can do.
For part 3, didn’t know if the way I have the blueprints costs the engine a lot of CPU and will make it run slow upon creating a larger lever or if the way it is should be fine. Either that or if there is a cleaner method of doing this to make the blueprints appear simpler and more reliable.