Can someone help me resolve this error I'm getting that's stopping me from packaging my project?

I’m still struggling to resolve this issue of the cooking failed, I’ve searched the content and blueprint but didn’t come up with anything, what is causing this!?

The first post I’ve made about this

Are you able to run the project with a debugger from an IDE? You may be able to narrow down the offending object within the IDE debug.

Did you happen to name any function, file or folder in the project with the word “True”? That stands out to me. I don’t think you can name functions, or folders and such with names such as “True” or “Temporary” or words that are similar to words used in the dll’s or it throws up an error and fails I guess because it can’t distinguish if its code or a naming convention. The warnings don’t necessarily indicate a total fail on the build, but the errors will mostly. “Cannot create SoftObjectPath with short package name ‘True’ !” is my suspected perpetrator.

I don’t believe so, like I said I searched the content folder, using file explorer and through the blueprints, looking for a variable named true but got nothing but booleans and a material name that I already changed , I can try searching for functions but what’s the best way to filter those?