Can someone give me a little help with workflow?

Hi all,

I need a little help with the basic workflow of working with C++ and the editor together.

When I write a new function/variable in C++, to then use it in blueprint/editor what should be my process?
Save->Compile->Reopen editor?
Save->Compile->Close and open in editor window?

I keep having a change not appear and go through a variation of save-reopen, save-shutdown-editor and reopen. And eventually it seems to work, but there really has to be a better way so I thought I’d just ask.


For me it always works if I compile the c++ and then close the editor and reopen it, as it can then use the newest compiled files.
So: Save C++ (which should be done automatically when compiling anyway) -> Compile C++ -> Close Editor -> Open Editor -> et voilà

As an addition bit of information. If you modify an existing function, and are not adding any new member variables to the class, you should be able to use the Compile button in the editor and the changes will take affect. That can help speed up your work flow by not needing to close the editor all the time.

Thanks all,
I just needed to know as I’m new to Unreal, and would find it took too long to find bugs when I wasn’t certain the change even took effect.
Hopefully I will be quicker in solving issues now.