Can someone explain to me the World_Aligned_Blend node in the material editor?

I’m wanting to texture my terrain by slope. The World_Aligned_Blend node is the closest I have come to that effect.
My confusion is how to adjust the slope for each texture and to get more then two textures to blend.

This thread post was a start[1]
I’m also trying to understand how each texture could have it’s Roughness/Normal applied to it.

Have a look at this thread here. I posted a screenshot of my world blend material that might help Best method for creating a cave in a landscape - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for the reply. That looks pretty straight forward.

Yeah it is. Ignore the lerp connected to nothing on the normals group, I had that hooked up to a layer I was using as a path at one point. Forgot to take it all out.

Using what you have there will only give me two textures on the terrain without painting, correct?

Without painting yes. But you will notice there are 2 layers in the landscape painting panel, a Sand layer and a Grass layer, both of those will have the same rock texture when painted on sloped terrain.

I’m using a height map for my terrain, and I’m not really wanting to go back through and paint all of it. Is there a way to place multiple textures on the terrain with that method?

Depends what the criteria is I suppose. The method I showed you above will render one texture on flatter surfaces and another on sloped surfaces.

It sounds like you wants something that draws different textures at different heights? I which case, I don’t know.