Can skin textures done in Mari be imported along with the model into UE4 for Cinematic in Sequencer?

Hey all,

Would it be possible to import a model with skin textured to a very realistic detail such as in

to UE4 and maintain that work I did in Mari,
and then use Faceware to animate the face through motion builder and also import into UE4

and finally use Sequencer to create a cinematic with it?

Faceware answered Yes. But here’s the first article I found on it.
As for Mari BEEP I really regret googling this question if this doesn’t answer your question I can look some more.!
Short answer probably.
As for sequencer yes that’s the whole reason it exists if you need more information watch any of epics livestreams on it.

This is great news!!

Just wanna take a second, though to step back and wonder… why are they only doing this on MARI Indie?
This is the lower level version yet they dont apply or advertise the Unreal projectability onto their Professional MARI?

And they also state that

Could you explain what this means?
Im still not very well versed with all the 3D terminologies

Like whats a shader and an Unreal environment in MARI supposed to mean? And is going from 2 -6 patches something amazing?

Here this says yes but I’m sure there’s fine print somewhere.

If you still don’t know I would recommend looking into substance painter 1 or 2 since I’m positive that it works with UE4.

Alright got it, Ill look into them!