Can Rocket League (Powered by UE3) Take Maps Made in UE4?

Hey guys, thanks in advance.

I’m looking to create a custom map for Rocket League. It seems that RL was made with UDK (AKA UE3?), and so I’ve been told that I need to use UDK to create the map, as any files from UE4 will be incompatible (I’m pretty sure the map file is a .upk file).

Is this actually true? Is UE4 incompatible? It seems strange to think that UE4 would be unable to create a .upk or otherwise save in a readable older format.

I would like to use UE4 if I can (as it’s newer and I’m sure better), but if I need to go back to UDK to make a map that works with Rocket League, I will.

Can I use UE4? Or do I have to use UDK (AKA UE3)?