Can play game in editor, crashes on launch or standalone.

I can play my game in the editor but when I launch it I get this error from the output log…

LogPlayLevel: Error: ERROR: Stage Failed. Missing receipt ‘E:…\Binaries\Win64[GameName].target’. Check that this target has been built.
(…and a few lines later…)
PackagingResults: Error: Launch failed! Missing UE4Game binary.
You may have to build the UE4 project with your IDE. Alternatively, build using UnrealBuildTool with the commandline:
UE4Game <Platform> <Configuration>

Could anyone explain what this means and or how I can go about fixing this? Thank you for your help.


Check out this link, this might help you solve your problem,

Link : Missing UE4Game binary - Unreal Engine Forums

Good Luck