Can not seem to get a overlap ping / Interaction with actor :(

1 step forward three steps back!

Okay I am “trying” to set up an overlap for my “information flag” I original used a UMG Actor but it wasn’t giving the desired effect (plus it was experimental and i need something a bit more solid). All I want to do is for my static mesh to change material when I overlap it with my cursor. I have set up a string to show me if it detects it but I get nothing! I have played with the overlap settings of the mesh it self with no joy, what are the possible causes of this? I have a few widgets that play with what is in focus, is this having an affect on it? I have saved out all my BP’s, please let me know if you spot anything that could be causing this probblem…


My Info Flag actor:


Main Level BP:


First , must trace object under touch or mouse click . You can found it under control player actor reference. It will return a hit struct include your mesh if found. But keep in mind y must filter your actor found with interface or tag or etc to take exactly what you want.
Then you can change it material or texture.

Ok it kind of works… I figured if I put my cursor over the collision box it would just change the material, and when I move cursor off it will change back because I have set it to using the "onbegincursosover / onendcursorover… but it doesn’t work like that? I clicked it and it will show me a material change for a split second then go back to previous. at least I know my collision box is kind of working… How can I have it set up like mentioned about?

Solved it, it was 2 things that were causing the problem, I first needed to turn off all my UMG (just as a test as I’ve seen else where that having everything set to visble doesn’t play well with this) and also I needed to tick one box in the player controller called “Enable Click Events”!!!