Can not package super simple game.

My game consists only of 2 sprites, 1 tileset. One sprite moves with wasd, one sprite just always moves to player with simple ai. Only one map, one level, entire map takes only 3 seconds to cross, sprites are simple 2d sprites. I waited over 3 hours packaging for it to render ??450?? packages for it just to tell me it failed. Is it normal for something simpler than a nes game to not only take 3 hours to package but then to fail? Im so confused.

Hey there @Killersmod! Welcome to the community! Simpler games packaging tend to be relatively without problem. It’s entirely possible that it was a plugin that wasn’t really necessary that caused all of the extra compile time. Did the packaging log produce any errors? If so may I see them? It might point out which plugin is at fault if any.