Can not launching imported FBX

Hello everyone, this is my first post in Unreal forum

Here is my problem: I created some 3d meshes in Maya and export them as FBX. Then I used content browser to import them in Unreal Editor, and I put some Unreal BSP geometries with it as well.

I put a game starter in the scene, and press “play”, there is no problem at all, everything is fine.

But when I press " launch", there are only Unreal BSP geometries which I created in Unreal Editor left, and I can see nothing from my imported FBX files. But the strange thing is, the shadow of the FBX geometries is left in the scene.

Could anyone help me with it, thank you in advanced!

-rebuild everything (build button)
-make sure that you have all your assets in the content folder
-have you probably moved the assets to another folder (before the packaging process)
-do you get any warnings? :slight_smile: