Can not launch engine.

Dear humanity :smiley:
Today I downloaded the Ue4 Engine on the PC of a friend with his own account. As we wanted to launch the application it showed us the message: “Unreal Engine could not be started. Check your installation.” with the Code “LS-0013”. Now i tried to completly remove the program. Nothing. I was following the steps on the support page but: It was still not working! When I wrote to the support they sent me the same message as on the support page. Now Im here to ask for your help.

Thanks in advanced.


Video that showas the problem:

Ask the support since it is related to the launcher not to the engine itself. So no one will be able to help. I’d recommend to reinstall the engine with the launcher. Remove it in the launcher, then install the new version. Also this is the central european thread not the launcher / engine support thread so probably no one will care about your issue here, just go to the appropriate sub and ask it there.