Can my laptop run UE4?

Hi i am on a laptop and i am keen on creating games i used to use unity but it was weird to use then my friend showed me ue4 and i was amazed i watch videos and it looked simpler than unity but i am not sure if i can run it
CPU: Intel core2 duo 2.26GHZ
Ram: 4gb
Bit: 32
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650

Short answer: yes but with low quality. Try websites such as hwcompare to see how your graphics card ranks against the recommended specs. Your specs are similar to my laptop, so I think you can run it but don’t expect high quality performance; you’ll probably have to adjust scalability options in Quick settings, but it’s not the end of the world. You can also close the 3D preview window while working on blueprints, materials etc. too. Your graphics card supports 10.1 which is good but the editor demands more from your computer than the games created by it, so expect some heating. I tried using external fans, it helps but I ended up building a new PC so I can take the full benefit of UE4. If you plan to work on small projects as a hobby your laptop would serve the purpose. I’d say just try it for a month and see for yourself; it’s only 20 Euros (or dollars). You can cancel the membership afterwards and still keep the engine (no more updates though).