Can My Game Be Created Solely with Blueprint?

I want to know, from any of your people’s professional opinion, if the game I show below is possible to be made solely by using Blueprint?

I myself know how to use blueprint, to some degree, but I do not know anything about C++.

Please do tell, I want to know if what I seek is able to be accomplished.

it is very difficult not to be able to make a game with only blueprints

Thanks. I now feel more confident that I can achieve my goals as a one-man operation. I don’t got money to pay people to make my game for me, so, I have to make it myself.

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It’s very possible to make a game using only Blueprints. Usually the need to integrate C++ comes in when you are polishing the game, as C++ is often the only way to implement system-related actions. For instance, you can tell when the game window loses focus in C++, but not in Blueprints.

When you do need to use C++, it is very simple. Often all you have to do is write a function in C++ that does a simple action, and then that gets exposed as a Blueprint node.

So, yes, you can make a game entirely with Blueprints, but you may need just a dab of C++ to make it the best experience possible.

What you say makes sense. I’ll have to install Visual Studio in that case.

You can convert a Blueprint project into a C++ project at any time, so don’t install Visual Studio if you don’t have an immediate use for it.

what is the visual studio? I have never used it :joy:

Visual Studio is basically a development environment made by Microsoft that has the ability to edit, debug, and compile C++ programs. It’s whats called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Windows users use Visual Studio help program and compile their C++ programs when working with Unreal Engine.

So, on Windows, you need to install Visual Studio to compile your C++ code for Unreal Engine.