Can I Use the Third Person Character and Animations in First Person?

I’m making a JKJA-like game (though all of my projects have “hopefully” in the title). If it works, I plan to publish it as Jedi Knight: Jedi Ripoff (kidding).

I’ve been building it in the First Person Template, but to have a good multiplayer game (like JKJA) and/or a game where I can switch to third person (like JKJA), I need to have a little bit more of a character than a pair of arms.

I haven’t, however, been able to find any tutorials for replacing the default arms with the arms (and the rest) of the mannequin from Third Person, or for adding/replacing the animations.

I really don’t want to start over, so does anyone have any ideas for how to accomplish this? (Using the TP mannequin as the FP character)

Have you tried simply making a True FPS? Using a third person Character, attaching the camera to the mesh, attach it to the head socket, then move the camera slightly in front of the camera around the chest area just under the chin. This works for me as I can see my arms, and when I look down I see feet.

I considered that and even started a TPS project like that, but I have a lot of code for guns and stuff in my FPS template and I really don’t want to start over (especially 'cause I can’t figure out how to mass-migrate files).