Can I use one actor with an instanced static mesh component instead of multiple actors?

Hello! I’m working on a tile-based 2½D platform game and I’m thinking that instanced static meshes would be truly benefitial. Previously I spawned one actor for each physical tile in the game, but now I’m thinking that one actor in the scene should be sufficient given that I add instanced static meshes through one of it’s components.

So far, I’m successfully spawning these default AActors in the scene once a new asset is referenced. They get a default transformation and I explicitly register a UInstancedStaticMeshComponent. Then i add and remove instances (through the returned indices) based on the camera frustum. For some reason, the tiles are only added correctly on the first frame, then they only appear at a random and declining rate.

I feel like I’ve given this solution the same love and care as the one that used normal static meshes, so I suspect that adding and removing instances during runtime requires that the scene is reorganized explicitly. Either that, or the actors don’t appreciate doing so much work from way off screen. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.