Can I use NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android 1R5 instead of 1R4?


I’m developing a game which I hope to port to Android, and I’ve done a little reading up on what I need to do to get my PC ready for development; mainly installing CodeWorks. As I develop applications for a hobby, I have VS2015 Community Edition installed on my PC, but I read on the Android quick start guide that CodeWorks wouldn’t work with VS2015. However, it appears that 15R has “IncrediBuild 7.1 for Visual Studio with full Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 integration.”, so I’m just wondering if I could use this version of CodeWorks with UE4 to develop my game instead?

Hi Lee,

Yep, that should be fine. In V 4.14 and 4.15 (also 4.13, I believe) CodeWorks 1R5 is what’s prescribed. You’ll see it’s distributed with the engine under Engine/Extras.

Incredibuild isn’t really something most (small) Devs are really going to want to concern themselves with or is even worth it (your usecase might vary though)

I’m using CodeWorks with VS2015, works fine. Give it a whirl. The documentation may be out of date, where it’s recently been made compatible.