Can I use Media Texture as the texture on my SkySphere?

Hi guys and girls,
I want to use a 360*180 video on my SkySphere and now I have created a SkySphere d I’m tring to assign some hdrs on it but somehow they are mirrored in the middle. How can I move my texture on the SkySphere?
Is it even possible to use a mediatexture on a SkySphere?



Yes it should be but you will likely have to use a material function such as “LongLat to UV” where you plug in worldposition and then get a UV coordinate, and the media texture will likely have to be in the long lat style format to work since I do not believe the engine supports a native cubemap video yet.

Hello Ryan, I would like to have more explaination about it if you can. I’m a beginner so i have not really understand your anwser … Also, i wondered if any others solutions could be possible since.
Thank you for your time !