Can I use free content from markerplace epic games for commerce

Can I use free content example 3Dmodel,environment from markerplace epic games for commerce(sell app on ios or androd)?



~ Jason

Yes as long as it is Unreal engine based.

As far as I know yes, But do modify it tho :stuck_out_tongue: (This is counting that you are using Unreal Engine)

Why do you say that?

My first thought on that was maybe he thinks it’s in poor taste to use something that Epic has created in something you (meaning anyone using the assets) are claiming as your own original project. Just my thoughts, but if six people made six different games (and actually succeeded in releasing them) and they all had the same hero from the infiltrator demo as the main character, that might make people a little urked. That is, however, a far flung example and doubtful of it happening.