Can I use Blueprints in Widgets?

Dear All, I wish to know if it is possible to use Blueprints in Widgets as well? Like, in the scene I use actor Blueprints that have their variables, functions and so on. Now I’m converting my prototype into a final game logic and I use widgets instead of the original 3D ugly meshes I quickly made to set things up. One of my objects get coloured in respect to its state (using an enum) and I did this with BP of course (as I said). But inside my widgets I don’t seem to figure out if I can do that. Thanks in advance.


Have you tried switching to the ‘Graph’ view in the top right corner of your Widget class window? It is definitely possible to use Blueprints in a Widget class, but keep in mind, that a widget is not an actor, so you will not have acces to variables and functions that an actor has.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, i knew that one can use the widget BP via the graph section, my issue was that I wanted to put down some actor blueprints on the canvas. Guess this is a solid no to that :smiley:

Have you looked into Paper 2D? Here is a link about it, I don’t know what exactly you after, but it may provide some useful info:

Yes, it would be logical to use paper2d and aim a camera right at it, but I chose widgets, because I have no camera movement in my scene. Maybe I should have used paper2d, but I rather go this through this way :smiley: