Can I use Blender to sell content?

As the topic says, Im wondering if I can use Blender to sell content to the marketplace?
Im trying to find a modelling software that fits me best and that have a licence which allow me so sell my creations. I have overall experience in 3D modelling and is mainly a 3Ds Max guy.

Yes, you can absolutely sell stuff made with Blender.

That sounds great. So I dont have to spend almost 900 NOK monthly on a Autodesk commercial licence. You saved me alot of money :slight_smile:
Will I have to have a active Unreal Engine licence to submit my creations?

Yah, you have to have a current subscription to submit. By the way, have you used Blender before? Great program, but takes some getting used to.

Ok. Then I have to have two licences. First the 185 NOK monthly Unreal Engine subscription and then the 100 NOK Photoshop CC licence for texturing. 285 NOK/month is not so bad, if I start to do it good on the marketplace. I haved used Blender some. I will be creating foliageitems. Its alot of Blender tutorials out there, so I think I will learn it if I stick with it.

Why dont you use gimp for the textures? :slight_smile:

This is a joke? :wink: , i am joking :stuck_out_tongue:

But why did you can not sell with Blender?
If you look, there are a lot of content made with Blender in the market place.

If you don’t like the Photoshop license cost, and don’t like the UI of the Gimp, then perhaps Paint.NET would work better for you?

Btw: 100 NOK seems cheap for the Photoshop license. Is that the single-program educational license, or is that actually the commercial license?

There are several types of abos: You can get the cheapest one for just 13 € / Month :slight_smile:

Yes, I think its the commercial licence. We use Creative Cloud at work as well. Im glad they left the CS version which was around 6-000 NOK each version.
They also gave out the CS2 version for free, why I really dont know. I like Photoshop because of its power and quality, and as I said, we use it where I work, so its almost essential for me :slight_smile:

Pohotoshop is only 9$ USD a month if you get the Lightroom bundle…

Blender is Awesome, Anyone learning 3D paying autodesk is ridiculous. Blender is harder to learn because it’s a far larger application than your maya’s/Max’s, But it’s free and will only get better over time.

So if your starting out from scratch Blender is the way forward.

If you’re planning on working with foliage. Be sure to read up on and use bent vertex normals so you get proper shading.

I know this link mainly mentions Maya and Max. But I believe there’s now a way to export edited vertex normals out of Blender as well. You may have to dig around a little. It’s been a while since I’ve used Blender.

In general for trees, vertex normals get pointed directly outward from the center of the canopy. With grass and flowers the vertex normals should point directly upward.

Yeah, I cancelled my Maya subscription plan and will get a refound :slight_smile: So Ill see what 3D software Ill end up with that has a commercial licence.

I have figured out that Blender is the most fullpacked modelling program (and even more with addons) with an easy-understanding commercial licence. So I will use it. Thanks for the headsup Tobbo! :slight_smile: I have to add, Im not only moneydriven, but what I like to say is the most important thing is to be able to create something that can be helpful to others.

Thanks for all inputs!