Can I share my project with friend with different Engine version?


I’ve the Unreal Engine 4.10 compiled from GitHub, meanwhile my friend has the Unreal Engine 4.10 downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher.

Can I still upload my project on GitHub and let him download it so he can develop with me?

I mean, will he be able to open it on his Engine? Or should he do a conversion?


If you’ve made changes to the Engine, he’ll need that. So, upload the whole thing. He’ll download and compile it.

Actually I don’t want my friend to install Visual Studio and make him recompile the Engine from scratch.

I would like to know If I can just send him the .uproject (with all the other files) and if he will be able to use it with the Unreal Engine from the standard Launcher

No, but you can upload your binaries, then he would not need to recompile.

I was willing to use GitHub to upload my project on there and let my friend syncronize his files with those on the repository, so he could have tested the game with me (without letting me wait for HUGE uploading times of the binaries on GDrive or Dropbox)

Unfortunately, he’s not very practical with Visual Studio, compiling and such.

I was just finding a way to give him files in a little time.

I’m screwed i guess…