Can I run UE4(4.27)

Can I run UE4 with a laptop (Asus tuf gaming f15) with these specs? And how many fps do i get on epic settings?

Processor: i5-11400h (2,7 GHz)
Graphic Card: RTX 3050 ti (60w)
RAM: 16 gb ram (1x16) DDR 4 3200 MHz

Thanks in advance for the answer

You definitely can. You might want to try 5 first though, with that card…

Thanks for answer. How many fps will I get for epic settings?

You really need to just try it, I’m afraid…

Very vague ballpark: UE5 20-30, UE4 50-60? ( total guess )

50-60 fps is enough for beginner? I’m thinking of buying a computer to learn

OK, so you don’t have it yet? Then I’d upgrade the CPU and downgrade the GPU… :slight_smile:

actually i found an acer nitro laptop with i7 processor with the same specs, but i don’t know how high quality acer laptops are

Laptops and game dev? :stuck_out_tongue: Its a bit of murky swamp tbh and not easy to quantify in simple black and white terms. Personally I’ve had horrible experiences with top of the line ASUS. Certainly its the brand with the most complaints on here for sure. Whereas I’ve no bad things to say anyway about Acer Predators. However I wouldn’t recommend using them for 12-hour workdays. They’d melt. :fire: I’ve had good experiences with Omen X for long dev sessions (even if I wouldn’t buy another thing from HP). Its highly mobile tech that cools well but has no screen unlike a laptop.

There’s a lot to getting the most lifespan out of laptops when using Unreal. I recommend using low-end expendable laptops for doing things like BP coding. Whereas for production rigs, turn off real-time updates on all editors and avoid epic / cinematic settings when prototyping whenever possible. So overall try to do play-tests on throw away PC’s if you can. And while obvious, try to ensure your work area is cool, trickier now maybe with climate change and energy crisis. :thinking:

yes, definately
with that card even 5 will work
the problem is your cpu
you need to upgrade the cpu to an i7
all shaders compile on the cpu
with an i5 you will wait hours and hours for shaders to compile
an i7 will halve your shader compile times

Firstly thanks you for your long and nice explanation.

I know a desktop system would be better but I need a laptop for many reasons. Do you really think buying ASUS is a big mistake?

Asus are risky. They regularly make international headlines for all the wrong reasons. Below is a summary of Asus issues on the forums (with links). Read that before deciding. Asus tend to ship in bad batches. So you could be lucky… But if not you’re not going to like dealing with Asus support. :rage:

Asus do a lot of aggressive pricing. So they look tempting for what you get. But if they fail on you its a hell you’ll never forget. :wink: Overall, with gaming laptops you can’t really cut corners, as it doesn’t work out. I only use mobile gear, so I get why you want this. But Asus are extra risky imo. :wink:

Thanks for answering. Actually one of the reasons why i want to buy an asus is because my big brother uses it for a long time and he doesn’t face any problems. At the same time, i have seen many people using ASUS on this forum. Since the customs tax is quite high in the country i live in so the price really appeals to me. I’ll think about it a little more maybe I’ll buy an acer laptop.

Hear ya… In many parts of the world customs-taxes added to weak / depreciating currency is cruel. Its why if you’re planning a holiday or know someone who is, you can save by buying tech overseas and bringing it back. You can even get Sales-Tax / VAT back at airports too. Good luck!

It’s really hard to live in Turkey

Ah… Europe has its own problems with inflation right now, but heard things there are on another level. :fearful: How easy is it to take a quick shopping trip to eastern Europe, can you even go by land?

Turkey is not a member of the European Union so traveling between countries is a bit difficult. Also, Turkey is the country that is experiencing the biggest economic crisis among all European countries so going abroad is just a dream but we have many relatives living in Germany. It is much more profitable to buy the laptop from there. But I don’t know what to do when I need technical service.

I personally have had many great asus products.
if your i5 has 8 cores it will be fine
if 4 it will compile shaders slow but everything else will be fine for ue

Has 6 core. Graphic Card has 4 gb vram. Is that problem?

that should work fine
thats a newer i5