Can I run a program like opening webcam or movie player via blueprint?

Can I run a program sorts of opening webcam, movie player or MSPowerpoint, not a website, via blueprint on UE4?
If it is available, I would try to integrate Processing program into UE4. I think it is possible UE4 Blueprint to control an ArduinoBoard is controlled by Processing Program on UE4.


I’m sure it’s possible, but you may have to code it yourself (or wait for someone to do it) :confused:
Anyway, that would be so awesome :o

Thanks Fluffy :slight_smile: Does anybody help me, please?

You need UE to interface with the drivers for the specific hardware. Usually they’re generalized in such a way (like mice and keyboards) that one implementation will work for most cases. While this can be implemented in C++ in such a way that it is accessible with blueprints, I believe it goes beyond the scope of a purely blueprint based implementation.

As far as connecting UE4 to an Arduino board, you can use this plugin:!

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: