Can I release a software base on unreal engine core Module?

Hello, anyone!
A few months ago I make a modify base on 4.19 final release. Keeps engine core reflection system and Slat/blueprint modules(cute off all others modules).
And my purpose is create an light weight version engine for the common application without game logic support(Like animation/physics/gameplay/network replicate…).
So I override the engine launcher loop logic and separate the engine and editor logic. Extend data type/keywork support with UHT, and make some modify with UBT, and huge modifies with blueprint editor.
Currently, i work on a software with this modify version engine for my friend, and her really like the Blueprint Visual Programming editor(That’s why i choose unreal engine to dev this software).
And this software will be done few months later. So i want to know what’s EpicGames attitudes with the modify? Can we release this software?If can, i think this light weight version engine will have a greate helpful in other application dev also.
(If have any syntactic error, just forgive me! English is my second language. THX)

You can release software made with unreal core and runtime modules, but the 5% royalty still applies. If it depends on any editor modules, it can only be released to other unreal users using the launcher or a github fork. All of this is actually written in the license quite clearly