Can i pass data into actors from other level instances (ULevelStreamingDynamic)?

Hi, I’m making a game with a simple procedurally generated dungeon, using level instances to load and unload them at the right time (to see them one at time or a few at time ecc.), but i came across to some problems with this:
When generating the dungeon, i first make a struct that contains all data needed for the next step: generation and instantiation of levels.
Every level has one actor that generates the room by given data (another struct filled in while dungeon generation), and while generating level instances, each Room Actor generates themselves by spawning the room, doors etc., but here’s the problem:
I could send data (the room struct) from the main level (that contains the Dungeon Actor) to the Room Actors by using a GameInstance, but instanced levels have no idea on what they should be, and without a function or way to get actors from an instantiated level i don’t know what to do.
Does anyone have a good idea to get through of this? ask me for major details