Can I make web games with Unreal Engine 4?

Hello, Epic Games!

I want know: if I want to publish my UE4 project on, can UE4 export game files to web, like Unity3d?

You can build to HTML5, so yes they can be hosted on the web.

I don’t know if will host a UE4 game, but that would be on their policy.

Hello, mikepurvis! Thank you for your answer. I just looked on creations of Psionic Games - Ghostscape 3D, Escape Eternity and The Aberration Inside. They all was created on Unity for HTML5. And I thought: -“Can I make something similar on UE4 12 or 11 for Newgrounds?”. So, I hope this can work.

If you haven’t already seen it, I would also give PlayCanvas a shot (

I think UE4 is great as a cross platform engine, but generating an HTML5 version of low level code can be pretty bloated. Whereas PlayCanvas is built to be as optimized as possible for the web. The cons are PlayCanvas is a lot less mature than UE4.

Does the bloat you talk about apply to blueprints as well?