Can i have physics asset ragdoll for a non character object?

I can’t say what but let’s say i want one of my objects to be floppy…
I have tried rigging it and basic skinning but when i try and add some sphyll shapes in the physics asset to represent its collisions it just twists up or completely flattens.
What would be my best bet here?

It could be overlapping collisions or that you need to add constraints hard to say without an image. There is a tutorial by Devin Curry Devin Curry: UDK Tutorials. Another option to make the object floppy you can also create it as a cloth object and set all cloth properties to 0. Setting the max distance of the cloth to something low like 3 when painting the cloth vertices should keep the cloth from moving too far from the joint hierarchy.

Could you explain more on the cloth?, i have tried it with something else (apex that is) and it just floated through the ground even when i set collisions both for the mesh and the cloth collisions.