Can i get these 2 things in material blueprint to get them working?

i want to get scaling the UV coordinates, and worldallignedtexture so i dont get my texture widened with wall that i put this material into

thanks for help :smile:

The UV becomes a V3 parameter

One by one is

because you have to specify 3 values in world space.


im sorry i cant fint this node, can you help me out? :sob:

Hold the 3 and click on the graph background. Then right click the node and choose ‘convert to parameter’



i checked the results, and i think i u misunderstood what was my objective,

this is how it looks rn

and this is how i want it to look

i want to scale texture on material to a much bigger one, but its hard because one node is already connected to base color.
sorry for making this such a problem :sweat:

You can enlarge the texture by increasing the Vector parameter values.

ooh, i tried that and it didnt work, but i put in a larger value and i noticed a change,
i guess the change was that little that i didnt notice
thanks a lot!