Can I dynamically place a Lightmass Importance Volume ...

Can I dynamically place a Lightmass Importance Volume, and move it around?

If I have a scene where different static objects are being populated into the scene, depending on what the user does, and those objects can be destroyed and replaced by other objects at whim, will the light mass volume update for the user in realtime? Or is the lightmass volume thing a purely offline process?

I’m new here, and just trying to figure out if the lightmass lighting solution, which provides GI will work for our product. Or is there another way to provide GI?


Lightmass is a static solution, you can’t build lightmass in-game so it has no bearing on gameplay

Not even via c++ in the api, right?

I’m not sure it’s allowed to use the editor code within a game, but again, it’s not necessary, the lightmass importance volume is only used for baking lightmass, which you would not do within a game, it takes hours to rebuild lighting.

I see, thanks.