Can I download in a Zip or equivilant?

Hi, I’m new here I actually posted this on the forums (I just realized there was an answerHUB, I apologize) I’m on a school laptop and our IT guy will be out of town for four weeks, I have no way of contacting him. This is a school thing I’m doing, can I get the download in a Zip or equivalent format?

Download what exactly? UE4?

Hi mickeyjay88,

If you want to use the binary version through the Launcher, you will need internet connection to download the Launcher and then download and install the editor through that. If you’re having trouble downloading and installing with that method, the only way to get a .zip for installation is to get it from GitHub. This will involve building from source, and will still require internet connection (both to get the .zip and then to run the setup.bat to get all the dependencies).