Can I do something similiar with UMG


I want to do something like that. Is it possible to do it with UMG?

It is possible but not simple enough to explain here i’m afraid.

I know how to rotate the object itself. I know how to change materials with buttons too. I don’t know how to resize camera view that shows only a chair in UMG.
Could you explain that place in general?

Slate have viewport widget, but it not implemented to UMG (yet?) you could so something more in C++. But if this is only view, then you can simply mask the view and leave that window area open and just switch camera so object is in the center, the problem thru will be setting camera to do so, simple solution would be redesin of this UI so rock is in the center, less simple would be computing potision so camera always point on the side of the object and rotate around it, you could try makeing some spring arm components contruption