Can I distrubute some exclusive assets to my patreons?

I’m a full time youtube content creator with over 10k subs but my main channel is focused on gaming tutorials. I wanted to start a new channel where I build games using unreal engine and show the end result of the project in a video showcase. While I want to make the tutorial series exclusive to my patreons.
For the tutorial series I will tell what assets they need to buy while for the blueprints & components I made I will provide a direct download link.
Legally I’m allowed to distribute those blueprints & components this way instead of using the unreal engine marketplace? In case I can what fees I should pay to epic and how I can do so?

If it’s your own assets, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be.

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Yep I like codding using blueprints. Also I’m good on creating classes and components that can be easily reused in other projects. To make them work is enough to replace the 3D placeholder assets and expand some data tables with your own staff. Then is left to add those components to a specific core blueprint and you are done.

For example I made a component that has all the functionalities of a inventory. To make it work in another project is enough to migrate the inventory folder and add one specific component to any player blueprint in the new project. Next by replacing only 1 cast in a function library is enough to make it work like a charm no matter what you already have implemented inside the player blueprint.

So the plan is to create a lot of components like this for every single functionality that a game might need. When I have enough to make a ripoff of any popular AAA game I want to make a video showcasing the end result. Then who will follow the tutorials don’t need to code anything they just need to take a specific collection of components I made and combine them with AAA 3d models are available from other marketplace assets.

What other people will be able to download from my patreon page will be only the components I personally made with no external assets inside beside some staff from the starting content, like the manequin