Can I detach an actor and make it a physics prop within BP?

So here I have a vent exit. I want to rotate the door with a timeline/make it rotate with physics for realism, then detatch it and make it fall down to the floor.

I can animate it with timeline if I want but it would be cool to be able to hit it, and it rotates about its axis. And fall down to the floor as a prop that can be moved.
Right now its just this: Dropbox - Error Which I guess is ok for the effect, but I want to learn how to do it the hard and cool way. And I know other things this might come in handy with.

Before: Dropbox - Error
After: Dropbox - Error

I just did a test like this and was able to get it working. I had to first take the object variable, place a “Set Simulate Physics” node with the simulate checkbox set to true, and then place another node named “Wake Rigid Body” linked to the same mesh. Bone name should be left blank, but I wonder how that would look to wake a simulation from a single bone. Maybe make it react from that bone outwards…

I tested using a table, and the table fell from the sky onto the floor with a tiny bounce as expected. I didn’t try animating the table first but that should cause no real difference. Please let me know if you have more issues.

Thanks! This worked. I also tried with the bones just so see how it works. But I tried with having a single bone, several and etc, probably just a minor thing I’m overseeing.

How could I do it this way: The door opens and is affected only by physics but is held by its joint where its connected, and it swings open back and fourth a few times. Then it drops down to the floor.

How I’d imagine it would work: Its bound to two bones, one stationary and one as the door it self. Or the bone is attached to a socket on the frame. Physics starts when you press E or hit it with a weapon. And there is a delay between the start of the physic, to when it detaches itself and drops to the floor. The delay is for making it swing back and fourth a bit.

Easy way: using timeline and then activate physics afterwards

I can see this work on other things hanging from a ceiling or something, like a lamp. And it would be a cool semi easy tutorial for physics blueprint.