Can i change the skydome in the first person template?


i use the first person template and i just want to get an other skydome inside this template.

is there an way to get an skydome texture into the existing one
should i better create an skydome by my own and delete the existing one?

(and by the way: what is better… an skybox or an skydome?)

thanks a lot for an answer!


Do a right click on the skydom in the scene outliner - “find in content browser” - copy the skydom mesh to one of your own folder - delete the bpskydom from your level - add the mesh - apply a material with the new skydom texture :slight_smile:

When you want to keep the clouds and all effects, you will have to modify the existing skydom bp + material (just add your own texture)

I dont know which one is better, but I mainly use a skydom :smiley:

hi ,

thanks a lot once again :slight_smile:



Nice. This is a great Help.