Can I change Landscape mobility? How can I move the Landscape?

So, Is it possible to change the Landscape mobility (Created by landscape tool)? I want to use set actor location (in level blueprint), to move the landscape to a certain location, but when I do it, nothing change. Thats probably because the mobility is set to Static, right? Can I change it? Is there any other way to move it?

I think it’s supposed to be static, it is a landscape after all…

You might get more mileage by thinking about it in another way.

How big does the land have to be, can it just be a large mesh?

Can you have a landscape with a mesh overlaying only the part near the player and give the impression the whole thing is moving?

That makes sense… hehe

The thing is… I was trying to make a type of terrain that keeps on spawning! But without the “spawning”. Instead I was trying to “teleport” a second landscape to connect with the other one. This is possible with mesh components, but I was trying to get the same result using the landscape mesh, that gives me more options to include some features that I was thinking in the future.

Thanks for the reply though!

That’s a pity! I was going for the landscape mehs, because I wanted to use the new blueprint brushes, that makes procedural spawning a lot easier. It is also easier to spawn folliage

But thanks for the reply!