Can anyone break down and describe the "NavMesh" from content example?

I am completely new to Unreal Engine, and our game needs NavMeshes for AI movement. I tried understanding the official documentation below, but couldn’t understand it clearly.
Content Examples Sample Project for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

Could anyone break down and describe setting up of NavMesh in UE4 or link me to any other documentation/tutorial that explains it in detail?

Thank you in advance.

Hey gameme,

Unfortunately the documentation is referring to a slightly older version of that level, and we are working to update that. But the principles are the same.

A Navmesh is set up as a volume. In the Modes tab, select Volumes and then scroll down to Nav Mesh Bounds Volume. Placing one in your level so that your map is within the volume’s bounds will create a NavMesh Actor that you can see in your level if you press P or go to Show and check Navigation to on. The Nav Mesh will be built automatically.

Did you have any specific questions about setting up your Nav Mesh?


Ben Halliday

Thank you for the answer. I realized I have a even primitive task at hand.

  • I want to spawn an AI in-front of the player character,
  • get the reference to it,
  • and do a simple move task on the AI to a target point defined in the level.

Since am new to UE4, am using “Blueprint only” to do this, and just to be faster I am using the existing “NavMesh” umap from content example . I have attached the screenshot of my blueprint. Here is what is happening,

  • The new AI (Existing class of the Umap) is being created at desired location,
  • return value of the spawn does not give any reference to the controller, I even tried to set an AI controller, which I am not sure if I should be doing.
  • And I assume that is the reason the Simple move function is not working.

If anyone sees an obvious mistake kindly help me out.

Thank you.

Found the answer to my problem, Apparently I had to spawn default controller along with AI. The below Blueprint works and does what I want to.