Can an Actor's variables be saved after loading a new level?

I have an actor that I use to save information to. It saves things like a user’s username. I usually have to add the actor to a scene to use it.

But I’ve noticed that the variables are clear when loading a new level, almost like a new instance of that actor was created with all the variables clear.

Is there a way to save all the variables from level to level?

Ok, do I need to make a new Game Instance class and add variables to it there? (Project Settings >>> Maps & Modes >> Game Instance)

Or is there a way to edit the default Game Instance class? (It doesn’t let me locate the default one in the content browser)

Yes you need to create a new Game instance class. You can make one just like how you add any other blueprint class. Once you add it, as you figured out, you can got to project settings >> maps and modes >> change game instance to your new game instance.

Yes Taurian, you can save the important ones in the game instance class. Anything saved there will remain persistent throughout the current game session. You can access the data from there at the start of new level and add to your actor variables and save in the game instance when making any changes to the variables again.

Awesome, thanks!