Can an actor affect other objects in a level?

My goal is to have a collision zone that the player can interact with by pressing a key that causes something to happen in the level.
So far I have a actor that triggers a printString when the requisite requirements are met, but for the life of me I cant get it to do anything in the level.

What I am currently trying to do is cause this to switch the players target camera to a camera in the scene for a more cinematic view of the eventual outcome. I added a camera actor to my level, but I can’t seem to reference this camera. As a C programmer, I presume this is a scoping issue, but I am able to manipulate the character, which is also its own actor so I am unsure.

I can do the swap in the level blueprint, but then I have no way of triggering it.

Am I missing something obvious or is there a different way that would allow me to achieve my objective? Thanks for any answers in advance.

Hi man,
Yes basically is a scope problem XD + o -
If your actor camera is in the level ,
you can reach it using the nodes “Get all actor of class” type CameraActor
This will give you an array of that type of actor in the scene, so you have to figure out wich one is your target, (maybe by name or by tag)
If you have only 1 cameraactor in the level
you can just “Get actor of class” he will give you just the first reference he found.

You can plug these reference in your viewtarget with blend.

Some days ago i posted a more complex answer about this,
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