Can a Solid Works assembly model be used as a pawn in a blueprint in UE4.26?

No problem in bringing in a Solid Works assembly model into UE4.26.
Problem arises when I go to swap out the one component pawn I currently have in my projects blueprint with the Solid Works generated assembly model, as the blueprint only gives me the option of replacing the original single component pawn with any one of the single components that make up the Solid Works assembly model, not the assembly model itself.
I have only been using UE for approximately 6 months now, so maybe I am exepecting UE to do something it is not capable of doing, I just don’t know.

It looks like I am going to have to answer my own question.
In my project I can select all the components that make up the assembly that I imported from Solid Works into UE using Datasmith, then having selected these components and right clicking there is an option to convert this assembly into a static mesh. This static mesh model is then easily accepted into a blueprint.
To further develop this process I converted only the aircraft fuselarge assembly part of the model into a static mesh and brought this into a new blueprint.
Into that same blueprint I brought in a static mesh model of the landing gear. I have placed sockets into both the fuselarge and landing gear static meshes, but no matter what I try, I cannot get the two sockets to attach to one another.
I have spent many hours on googling the subject of sockets in static meshes, but so far, no progress.
So that is where I am up to at present.