Can a small team work with only one developer account?

hey gang!

I’m having trouble getting clear info on this in the unreal docs -

I’m part of a small team (3) of devs and we decided to give a crack at going mobile. I see that we need to have a developer account to test on the devices. What’s unclear is if we can use one persons developer account or do all three of us need to be signed up as Apple Developers? I was thinking that I could simply add the other UDIDs to my account and they should be able to build and deploy, right? The issue is that we’re all working remotely so we would need to be able to build in our own locations. If I generate the provisioning files and certificates and add them to our p4 db, is that enough to allow them to work without me needing to build for them each time?

If anyone has clear answers for this, that would be great.


You should be able to add UDIDs(up to 100) and use those devices for testing, no better way to find out than to try.

Yes, that’s exactly what I do already and it works fine. Just send the cert, key and mobile provision across to your friends, not forgetting to add their devices and include them in the provisioning profile. They will need to setup the certs ,provision, bundle ID etc. in the Editor/project settings/ios.
Hey Presto! you all will now be able to generate .ipa packages and install them on each others devices :slight_smile:


awesome, thanks guys! I’ll find a spot on the depot for those files if Unreal doesn’t add them automatically.

Jamendxman3 - the reason why I didn’t want to try right away was to avoid spending the $120 Apple dev fee until I knew for sure how it worked.

Thanks again!