Can a 3d modeller take away a license to use their free models from me?

Hi, so for example some 3d modeller guy doesnt like me for some reason and after I released my game with this model he says that he is taking away his model. The model was obtained through a royalty free license for commercial use and it was free to download. It was obtained before the game release under such license. Can he make me delete the model from the game or license is eternal?

He would have to have some sort of stipulation in the licensing agreement and would have to have some sort of terms to that effect active at the time that you agree to the terms and use the asset. So for example he can’t change the terms afterwards but he could have had terms in there that allow him the right to refuse a license to a project he doesn’t approve of.

Thanks, man! I think it’s a generic 4.0 license from sketchfab, but I ll give it a closer look