Cameria Shake for a head bob will only affect the "W" input not the S , A and D despite being hooked up the same way

Hello! I set a very basic first person character controller. My aim was to utilize the camera shake to create a head bob whenever the player moved Forward, Backwards, Left or Right (W,A,S,D).

After plugging it in my character successfully head bobs perfectly when moving forward (W input) but whenever I try to move backwards or left and right it does not head bob.

Below is my blueprint:

InputAxis Move Forward is for both W and S (Forward and Backwards). Despite being grouped only W works with the head bob. Even after separating them into there own InputAxis nodes still resulted in only moving Forward having the head bob only. Left and Right (A and D) basically don’t head bob whatsoever.

I have a feeling that this might be specific to the direction of the player movements.

Please does anyone know whats going on?