Camera that follows AI to location cuts jarringly to new perspective with every new direction

I have added a camera to an AI drone that travels to a target point and then to another target point, etc. However, when the drone rotates to go around a corner or to begin travel to another target point, the camera cuts abruptly to the new direction / perspective. I would prefer the camera to rotate smoothly in place before proceeding to follow the AI drone.

Solutions I have attempted

  • connected the camera to a socket
  • connected the camera to SK Mannequin, which uses a rotating blendspace

I am not certain how to fix this. Thanks.

I am not sure how to do it for you but it sounds like you want to interpolate, to smoothly change the camera direction, or smoothly change any value.

Here is a video that teaches how to do that:
And you are in luck he is manipulating camera in the example

there are different kinds of interp nodes the video shows how FInterp works which is a node for float values which is what the f infront of interp stands for. (I think)

Here is another video from same guy about interpolation. Again I feel like you are in luck because he is moving something around with interpolation:

Excellent, thanks! I have something of a learning quirk, and it is extremely difficult for me to follow anything from mid-point. So, following your suggestion, I searched for more interpolation tutorials and found, **Blueprints - How to Add Camera Sway / Lag **which worked as you suspected. Thanks!!