Camera Shake question

Hi I’m fairly new with Unreal and started testing rocket recently.
I can’t seem to fully understand how camera shake works. I see there are blueprint variables and nodes that can pass camera shake data, but couldn’t’ find anything on how to create the data itself. I understand it can be done thru a camera animation clip using c+ but is that the only way?


Hi Fulvio,

CameraShake is not entirely supported yet, so not all parts of it are fully functional; but you should still be able to get results with the following workflow:

Create a new Blueprint, and in the Custom Classes dropdown choose CameraShake. Open that Blueprint, and in the Defaults you will see options for Oscillation and Anim Shake. The ability to create an Anim Shake asset is not yet available, so you will need to create the shake using the Oscillation properties. Compile, Save, and close that Blueprint; then open the Blueprint where you wish to create your camera shake. Add the Camera Shake node of your choice, and next to the Shake input pin you can use the Select a Class picker to choose your Blueprint you created.

EDIT UPDATE: The class picker on the Camera Shake nodes is not working as expected. So, on your Camera Shake node (for instance: Play World Camera Shake), right-click the Shake input pin and choose Promote to Variable. This creates a new CameraShake variable. Compile the Blueprint to edit the Variable’s Default Value, and here you can use the CameraShake blueprint of your choice from the Content Browser.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you run into any issues with this method.


I think might be losing you somewhere around “open the Blueprint with your camera” I’m building upon Shootergame and am trying to trigger a camera shake inside of the Level Blueprint. I have tried adding a camera shake in the “MyCharacter” BP in another project with no luck.

I do not see the CameraShake BPs that I have created in the picker. (Nor the camera shakes for the Launcher/Gun) I have saved/compiled/restarted editor.

Do I need to save the CameraShake BP in a specific folder? (When I try to save it in “Classes” my editor crashes)

Sorry about the confusion. It seems that the picker is not working as expected, and you will have to use a CameraShake variable with the node instead. I have updated my original Answer with the way to do this.

The report is logged for the picker not working correctly. And the crash when saving an asset in Classes will not be an issue in future releases, as the ability to do so has been disabled in our current internal build.


Drop-down picker is now functioning in Build 6!

Edit: Oh god, my commenting on this changed the “answer accepted status” I should have commented directly on the question. (Or maybe replied to Stephens comment) Sorry.