Camera Setup in Multiplayer game

Am Currently working on a Multiplayer game. I am using two Screen capture to capture the screen, and using a orthographic camera to render the textures.I have set the Orthographic camera as view target using “SetViewTargetwithBlend”, But when i play the game in multiplayer the Camera is being shared among players. i want the each player to use there own camera. Any idea how we can achieve that.

Maybe the problem is that you get the player controller or pawn. In multiplayer you are not allowed to get the controller or pawn with index.
So maybe you are using get controller without index or something like that…

Initially i was using getcontroller without passing index values (i.e 0 for all) ,but later i change it to get all actors of player controller and looping through them and checking if the controller is local controller even that was not working. Any Idea how we can get the local controller and actor?